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Monday, November 22, 2010

I Could Use Some Help, Here

Hey, everybody. I've a bit of a conundrum. Maybe you can provide some assistance.

You see, my wife and I are developing a fun little card game together. It's going well--we're getting close to hammering out the major kinks. We'll probably start introducing our friends and family to it soon, partially as a way to advertise how freaking awesome we are, but mostly because the game needs beta-testing. We're hoping to actually get the thing published.

Here's the thing, though: Both of us happen to be lousy at naming things. I'm hoping that all of you faithful and brilliant readers can help us out.

I won't both explaining the exact game mechanics in this post--I'm not worried the ideas will be stolen, it's just that not everything is hammered out to our satisfaction. However, I'll give you an overview of the flavor behind it, and hopefully you can give us some good suggestions.

The game is a cooperative card game. Everyone works together to try and beat the clock. The idea is that each player is a goblin working in an underground factory. Each player draws a certain number of cards a turn, representing machine components coming down a conveyor belt. The goal is for every player to add components to machine and try to finish it in less than five minutes.

The reason for the time crunch is different each game. There are various Challenge Cards representing different bosses. For example, perhaps a big momma ogre is coming to eat all the goblins. The players have to build a machine that will either distract the big momma ogre or help the goblins escape. Or, in another challenge, a dragon is invading the goblin warrens, and the players must assemble a machine to either kill the dragon or appease it by helping it dig for treasure.

I'm stumped about what to call it. "Goblin Factory" doesn't exactly have a lot of zing. Any suggestions?


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