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Sunday, March 11, 2012

The First Planet

It's been a while since I posted on this blog, which is a little sad, since I've actually been very active in the board game community.

Here's a preview of a game that I've recently started working on:

The First Planet

            Life did not start on Earth.
            Uncounted millennia ago, the Earth was seeded with genetic coding.  Life slowly evolved, changing form as the Earth developed.  The land solidified, and creatures began to walk, slither, and fly across it as the oceans teemed with life.
            One species, a weak, slow, hairless species, learned to survive by traveling in packs and outsmarting their predators.  Their wits let them survive, and eventually, thrive.  They tamed the wilds to their liking, spread across the planet, and became the dominant species of the planet.  And when the Earth grew too small for them, they looked up to the sky. 
            The Moon was colonized, then Mars, then the ring of asteroids spinning around the sun.  That’s when they discovered the Structure.
            Nestled into a hunk of rock in the asteroid belt, the Structure had been built before humans learned to sharpen rocks into weapons.  It was designed to survive the cold, harsh destruction of space.  Half of it was exposed, a perfect half-sphere, while the other half was buried in the rock.
            While the half-sphere portion of the structure was surprising when discovered, it was the inner part of the structure that caused shock and awe through the human society.  Some described it as like a beehive; others said it was more akin to a nautilus shell.  It was clearly designed by something with great skill and craftsmanship, and it was not of human origin.
            Other clues were found later, but the Structure was the first, and in many ways the most important.  Life had existed elsewhere in the universe long before it developed on Earth.
            So humanity set out to find that life.  They set out in search of the First Planet.

This doesn't actually reflect my views on creation or anything, but the concept is interesting and should make for some fun gameplay.